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Weekend Masses: Saturday- 5:00pm
Sunday- 7:30am; 9:00am (children's liturgy); 10:30am
Daily Mass is at 8:15am on Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday (no Mass on Wednesday)
Reconciliation: Saturday from 3:30-4:30pm
Office Hours: M-Th 9am to 4:30pm; Fri 9-12:00pm

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3 in 1Joanne MarxhausenJuly 2004Childrens
A child's book of prayer in artWendy Beckett1995Childrens
A Child's Book of PrayersMichael Hague1985Childrens
A Child's Missal PatmosJune 2004Childrens
A Handshake From HeavenCarol Sbordon BannonAugust 15, 2006Childrens
A king for IsraelPenny Frank1986Childrens
A little Boy After God's Own HeartJim George2007Childrens
A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23W. Phillip Keller2007Childrens
Abraham, Sarah and the Promised SonRobert Mitchell1984Childrens
All mine, BunnyKennedy, Pamela.1990Childrens
Amrah and the Living WaterArch BooksChildrens
AngelsLawrence G. LovasikJune 1978Childrens
Away in a MangerPublic DomainSeptember 27, 2005Childrens
Bible stories for childrenGeoffrey Horn1980Childrens
Bible Stories for Children.octobus publishing group1992Childrens
Bible Stories of Boys and Girlsa little Golden BookChildrens
Blessed Kateri TekakwithaLawrence LovasikAugust 4, 1981Childrens
Book of SaintsFr. Lovasik1990Childrens
Book of SaintsLawrence LovasikAugust 25, 1999Childrens
Book of SaintsLawrence LovasikAugust 25, 1999Childrens
Book of SaintsLawrence LovasikAugust 4, 1981Childrens
Book of SaintsLawrence LovasikAugust 25, 1999Childrens
Book of SaintsLawrence LovasikDecember 23, 1983Childrens
Book of SaintsJude WinklerMarch 16, 2000Childrens
Book of SaintsJude WinklerMarch 26, 2000Childrens
Celebrating Advent with the Jesse treeJude Winkler1991Childrens
Child's Guide to First Holy CommunionElizabeth FicocelliJanuary 2003Childrens
Child's Guide to the MassSue StantonMarch 1, 2001Childrens
Children's way of the CrossAnne Joan FlanaganChildrens
Come down, Zacchaeus!Penny Frank1986Childrens
Day by day with GodFrancoise Darcy-Berube1982Childrens
Famous Stories from the Bible DanielPlaymore PublisherChildrens
Famous Stories from the Bible DavidPlaymore PublisheresChildrens
Famous Stories from the Bible Moses Playmore PublishersChildrens
Fear notMonica Hall1998Childrens
First PenanceFrances C. HeereyApril 1986Childrens
FranciscoFr. Fernando LeiteChildrens
Giant steps for little peopleKenneth Nathaniel Taylor1985Childrens
Gina's Saturday adventureRosario DeBello1993Childrens
God Gave Us Christmas (God Gave Us...)Lisa T. BergrenOctober 10, 2006Childrens
God Makes the World (Little Children's Bible Books)Anne De GraafMay 1999Childrens
God speaks to SamuelPenny Frank1985Childrens
God, I've gotta talk to you !Anne Jennings1974Childrens
Going to ConfessionFr. LovasikChildrens
Going to ConfessionLawrence LovasikAugust 15, 1994Childrens
Good news for everyonePenny Frank1986Childrens
Good Saint Joseph (St. Joseph Picture Books (Paperback)) 10 packLawrence LovasikDecember 28, 1978Childrens
Great Bible Stories - MosesMaxine NodelChildrens
Guidebook for Confession for ChildrenBeatriz B. Brillantes2002Childrens
Hark! The Herald Angels SingKirsten Soderlind1993Childrens
Hark! The Herald Angels SingC. WesleyChildrens
Holy RosaryLawrence G. LovasikJuly 1978Childrens
I Believe in God (St. Joseph Picture Books)Lawrence LovasikDecember 29, 1978Childrens
I can pray the rosary!Mary Terese Donze1991Childrens
Isaac finds a wifePenny Frank1985Childrens
Jesus on trialPenny Frank1987Childrens
Jesus the KingPenny Frank1984Childrens
Jesus the teacherPenny Frank1987Childrens
Jesus, the Good ShepherdRobert E. Mitchell1988Childrens
Joan of Arc Michael Foreman1999Childrens
Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Stories From the BibleKathryn Smith2004Childrens
Journey to the Promised LandPenny Frank1985Childrens
King DavidPenny Frank1987Childrens
Littlest AngelPaul Micich2008Childrens
Lives of the Saintsaquinas Kids2012Childrens
Lives of the Saints for Girls, 10 pack (Catholic Classics (Regina Press))Louis M. SavaryNovember 1996Childrens
Love song for a babyMarion Dane Bauer2002Childrens
Loyola Kids Book of Saints (Loyola Kids)Amy WelbornSeptember 2001Childrens
Mama, do you love me?Barbara M. Joosse1991Childrens
Mary my MotherFr. LovasikChildrens
Mary, Martha, and LazarusPenny Frank1987Childrens
More special times with GodDavid Shibley1984Childrens
My First Catechism,Lawrence LovasikDecember 23, 1985Childrens
My first Catholic picture dictionaryLawrence G. Lovasik1982Childrens
My little BibleMary Hollingsworth1991Childrens
My Mass Book Sadlier1985Childrens
My Own Mass Booklet 2009Childrens
My picture missalLovasik, Lawrence G.1978Childrens
Noah Famous StoriesChildrens
Noah and the great floodPenny Frank1986Childrens
Our Lady of LourdesLawrence G. LovasikJune 1985Childrens
Our Parish ChurchOFM Conv. Rev. Jude WinklerJanuary 1, 1993Childrens
Over 100 Illustrations Bible stories for BedtimeDaniel partner2002Childrens
Padre PioRv. Jude Winkler2004Childrens
Paul at DamascusPenny Frank1986Childrens
Paul, the prisonerPenny Frank1987Childrens
People Jesus metPenny Frank1984Childrens
Prayers and Practices for Young CatholicsWilliam Sadlier1996Childrens
Prayers for childrenEloise Wilkin2009Childrens
Precious MomentsRegina PressAugust 1992Childrens
Precious Moments BibleSam ButcherAugust 1, 1985Childrens
Psalty's kids Bible 1991Childrens
Receiving Holy CommunionLawrence G. LovasikSeptember 1992Childrens
Receiving Holy CommunionJude WinklerAugust 15, 1994Childrens
Receiving Holy CommunionJude WinklerAugust 15, 1994Childrens
Ruth's new familyPenny Frank1984Childrens
SacramentsK. CavanaghSeptember 1990Childrens
Saint Elizabeth Ann SetonLovasik, Lawrence G.1981Childrens
Saint Elizabeth Ann SetonLawrence G. Lovasik1981Childrens
Saint for BoysUnknown AuthorChildrens
Saint Francis and the AnimalsLuciano Radi2003Childrens
Saint Ignatius and the Company of JesusAugust William Derleth1999Childrens
Saint Joseph illustrated children's BibleJude Winkler1991Childrens
Samson, the strong manPenny Frank1985Childrens
Solomon's golden templePenny Frank1987Childrens
St. Francis of PaolaJude WinklerApril 10, 2007Childrens
St. Therese of the Child JesusJude Winkler2000Childrens
Thank you GodM Rodgers1989Childrens
The battle of JerichoPenny Frank1986Childrens
The beginner's BibleKaryn Henley1989Childrens
The Birth Of Christ Childrens
The Book for ChildrenKenneth N. TaylorSeptember 1985Childrens
The boy who gave his lunch awayDave Hill1967Childrens
The children's Bible in 365 storiesMary Batchelor1987Childrens
The Christmas Story (Christmas Books)Stephanie RyderJune 1993Childrens
The Christmas story, with Ruth J. Morehead's Holly Babes.Ruth J. Morehead1986Childrens
The First ChristmasCarol HeyerOctober 2007Childrens
The Holy RosaryLovasik, Lawrence G.1980Childrens
The legend of the candy caneLori Walburg1997Childrens
The Life of Jesus (Catholic Classics (Regina Press))Karen CavanaughJanuary 1997Childrens
The Lord is My ShepherdA Little Golden BookChildrens
The Lord's prayer for childrenDebbie Boon-Jenkins1987Childrens
The mass for childrenJude Winkler1990Childrens
The New Saint Joseph First Communion CatechismBennet KelleyJuly 1976Childrens
The Our Father and Hail MaryLawrence LovasikAugust 25, 1999Childrens
The sacramentals of the churchLawrence G. Lovasik1986Childrens
The Saints (The Little Angel Series)Louis M. SavaryJune 1989Childrens
The seven sacramentsLovasik, Lawrence G.1978Childrens
The seven sacramentsLawrence G. Lovasik1978Childrens
The Stations of the CrossLovasik, Lawrence G.1981Childrens
The story of Easter for childrenIdeals Publishing1987Childrens
The Story of Isaac and RebejahAlice Joyce DavidsonChildrens
The Story of JesusLawrence G. LovasikJuly 1999Childrens
The story of JonahAlice Joyce Davidson1984Childrens
The story of the lost sheepPenny Frank1985Childrens
The Ten CommandmentsLawrence G. LovasikJuly 1978Childrens
The Works of mercyLawrence G. Lovasik1982Childrens
The Young Life of St. FaustinaClaire Jordan MohanJanuary 25, 2000Childrens
What's What in the BibleDerek WilliamsApril 2003Childrens
Why am I Here?Matthew Kelly2009Childrens