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St Rita Students Live Stream the Rosary

The Diocesan Catholic Schools have been taking turns saying the Rosary which are livestreamed on YouTube so all other schools could join in.  Today the Rosary was said right here at St. Rita School.  

To see the video click on the SRS shield.


Special School Events


Fri 9 - Used Uniform Sale
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Wed 4 - Teacher Meet and Greet
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thu 5 - First Day of School for K-5
8:00 AM - 8:15 AM
Mon 9 - First Day of School for PreK-4
8:45 AM -
Tue 10 - First Day of School for PreK-3
8:45 AM -
Fri 13 - Monthly School Liturgy
9:15 AM - 10:00 AM
Sat 28 - Marathon Day!
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Fri 4 - Monthly School Liturgy
9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

St. Rita School Teachers' WISH LISTS 2019

Dear Parents and Friends of SRS,
Each year we get kindly requests of what specifically the school/teachers can use, so I compiled our Wish List.

Thank you for all you do for the children and us!
Ms. Wagner


Grade 5
     ❖ A Listening Center - this would include at least 4 good headphones (more would be great), a stereo jack box, and a headphone rack.
     ❖ 12 cube shelf for my reading corner (It is by Room Essentials and is available at Target for $59.99).
     ❖ Chair/desk leg caps (so we can get rid of the tennis balls).
     ❖ new Talking Globes for my centers.
     ❖ AA batteries - a big pack
     ❖ games for ELA centers - Headbands, Taboo

Grade 4
     ❖ Chair and desk leg caps (to be used in place of the tennis balls)
     ❖ Large white board (approximately 2 ft. x 4 ft.) to mount on the wall next to my Smartboard for extra calculations, etc.
     ❖ Texas Instruments TI-108 Display Calculators
     ❖ Donations to "rent" ESP Science kits
     ❖ Rug for reading area in back of room
     ❖ Boot trays
     ❖ New classroom printer

Grade 3
     ❖ Better floor protectors for bottom of chairs
     ❖ Clear bins of different sizes (with lids) for in the classroom storage
     ❖ Games for indoor recess (with quick and easy to follow directions)

Grade 2
     ❖ “Mailbox” unit to sort children’s papers/classwork by name
     ❖ Grade appropriate Chapter books
     ❖ Puzzles and games for indoor recess
     ❖ Sturdy, plastic bins for our books
     ❖ Whiteboard markers
     ❖ Plastic "milk crates" for storage
     ❖ Regular white printer paper
     ❖ 12 cube shelf for our reading corner (It's by Room Essentials and is available at Target for $59.99)
     ❖ Headphones for our computers (4)
     ❖ Small sized mouse pads

Grade 1
     ❖ Board games for indoor recess
     ❖ Teacher's printer

     ❖ Tall file cabinet
     ❖ File folders
     ❖ Bingo dabbers
     ❖ Paper plates - PLAIN white ones, both big and small sizes
     ❖ Cotton balls
     ❖ Bins( that won't tip over) to organize our classroom books

PreK4 (P)
     ❖ Water Table
     ❖ Light Table
     ❖ Drying Rack (for wet projects)
     ❖ PreK Bookcase (that shows books facing out)
     ❖ Toy or Wooden Tools
     ❖ Lincoln logs
     ❖ Learning resources Cash register
     ❖ Doctor kit
     ❖ Playdoh cutters
     ❖ Rainbow Peg set
     ❖ Painting Paper
     ❖ Bright Giant Washable Color Ink Pads
     ❖ Variety Stamps to use with ink pads
     ❖ Color Paddle Sets
     ❖ Tabletop Magnifier
     ❖ Kid tweezers
     ❖ PreK games –pop and learn letters and numbers
     ❖ Flashlights
     ❖ Block Play People
     ❖ Music Instruments- rhythm sticks

PreK 3/4(F)
     ❖ Light table (table in which the top lights up for tracing, etc.)
     ❖ Sensory bin items/materials (theme/holiday based)
     ❖ Fiskers hole punchers in many shapes and sizes