St. Rita Roman Catholic Church
1008 Maple Dr.
Webster, NY 14580
Masses: Sat 5:00 pm
Sun 7:30; 9:00 (children's liturgy); 10:30 am
Mon-Thurs 8:15 am
Reconciliation: Saturdays from 3:30-4:30 pm
Office Hours: M-Th 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Fri 9:00 to 12:00 pm

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Congratulations to our High School Seniors who received the Hands of Christ Award this past week.
We recognize them at the 10:30am Mass this weekend.

The season of Lent marks one of the most significant times of renewal. Lent provides a season for prayer, penance and fasting. This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. Mass times will be at 8:15am, 9:15am (school mass) and 7:00pm. Please join us for the start of this holy season.

Parishioners will receive a Lenten Schedule of Events in the mail – there are extra copies in the back of church.
Don’t forget to mark your calendar with all of the special Lenten opportunities.

Here are the requirements for adult Catholics regarding fasting and abstinence:

  • Days of Abstinence: NO MEAT. Roman Catholics abstain from eating poultry, beef, pork, etc. For those 14 years of age and older, Abstinence is required on Ash Wednesday, and all Fridays in Lent including Good Friday.
  • Days of Fasting (Abstinence): On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, a limit of one full meatless meal for all who have reached their 18th birthday and have not as yet reached their 60th birthday. These are the only two days Roman Catholics are required to fast. Therefore it is VERY important that we not forget to fast (and abstain) on these two days.
  • Weekdays of Lent: Voluntary acts of self-denial and prayer are recommended throughout Lent. Some families will say the rosary daily for Lent, other individuals will give up desserts, etc. for Lent. Others might choose to read the Bible daily or go on a retreat, make a pilgrimage visit to Sacred Heart Cathedral, attend daily mass, etc.

We will again offer “The Little Black Book” for the season of Lent for prayer and reflection. This booklet is based on the writing of Bishop Ken Untener and provides a daily six minute reflection and meditation on the readings of the Lenten Season. The books will be available after Mass this weekend. These books are great for homebound people too. Be sure to bring a book to them and let them know we miss them!

May God bless you this week!
Fr. Gonyo