St. Rita Roman Catholic Church
1008 Maple Dr.
Webster, NY 14580
Weekend Masses: Saturday- 5:00pm
Sunday- 7:30am; 9:00am (children's liturgy); 10:30am
Daily Mass is at 8:15am on Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday (no Mass on Wednesday)
Reconciliation: Saturday from 3:30-4:30pm
Office Hours: M-Th 9am to 4:30pm; Fri 9-12:00pm

Assisting Refugees and Immigrants in Need

Please pray for me and the team from Catholic Family Center as we travel to Texas and Arizona this week to help Catholic Charities USA care for the needs of the refugees and immigrants coming into the US.  This has been in the news so much that it is easy to politicize it.  Please resist that temptation.  Our faith calls us to do whatever we can to care for the most vulnerable in our society. Please pray for our leaders to be enlightened with solutions that meet the needs of everyone. I look forward to sharing the experience upon my return!

Peace and love,
Deacon Jim

Count It All Joy

Our Contemporary Music Ministry will be leading the music at the 5:00pm Mass on Saturday, August 31

 The readings for this Mass instruct us to be humble “and you will be loved more than a giver of gifts.” Humility is not a passive thing – it should result in actions of love and charity. Jesus, our great teacher, leading by example “humbled himself and carried the cross. Love so amazing.” Jesus surrendered to the Father for our sakes, as we should do. Nothing to fear. Our God is “rich in mercy”. Our strength to do His will comes only through humility. One who is humble is strong. Jesus, I trust in you.

We will sing these songs to remind us of our need for God and humility:

 Gracefully Broken - Matt Redman w/ Tasha Cobbs Leonard
Jesus Messiah - Chris Tomlin
Lord, I Need You - Matt Maher Scars
I AM THEY At Your Feet - Anna Conti
Alive - Big Daddy Weave
“Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find favor with God.”   Sirach 3:18

Register Now

Faith Formation

 Families are welcome to enroll their children in our Faith Formation program. Registration is now open for children in grades K-7. 

 You can download a PDF of the forms or register online now. 

Sacramental Preparation

 Children in Grade 2 (or above) may be eligible to prepare to celebrate their First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. 

 This is a separate program from Faith Formation, and you must register for both programs. You can download a PDF of the forms from our website or register online now.

 Children in Grade 8 (or above) may begin our two-year Confirmation program. You can download a PDF of the forms from our website or register online now. 

 If you have any questions, please email Anne Thomas or call 671-2079.

 We are here to help your children grow in faith in Christ!

It's Time to Register for Discovering Christ

We invite you to experience “Discovering Christ” starting on Sunday, September 22nd at St. Rita Church. Consider inviting a friend or loved one to share the experience with you. Please register online here or by calling Julie Cohn at the Parish Office (585) 671-1100 x 13.


Annual Women's Retreat

Friday evening, September 13 to Sunday, September 15 at Noon

 At the Notre Dame Retreat House

Overlooking Canandaigua Lake

 The Theme is:   “Our Spiritual Journey”

 Please join us for this refreshing and peaceful time away for women and teens.  This weekend with the Lord is sure to be special!  

Pricing for Weekend Retreats Directed by Notre Dame Staff (including all meals) is as follows:

$150.00 for a single room
$120.00 for a shared double room
$200.00 for a private double room
(These are SUGGESTED donations.  As always, our policy is that the fee should never deter anyone from coming on retreat.  For more information online regarding the retreat house, go to:

 If you have any questions or to register, please call Darlene (787-0983) or Jane (734-6061).

College Care Packages